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  • About Us
    Selecta is the European leader in vending

    Selecta is the leading vending and coffee services company in Europe with a turnover of MEUR 740 and 4’300 employees. Founded and headquartered in Switzerland in 1957, Selecta has grown its geographic market presence to 18 countries across Europe.

    Selecta serves 6 million consumers every day at its 140’000 point of sales addressing the growing need for out of home food and beverage services at the workplace and on the go.

    Selecta is putting a strong focus on improving the coffee experience at workplaces through an exclusive partnership with Starbucks as well as by offering a full range of high quality coffee blends such as Selecta’s own Miofino brand. In addition Selecta offers state of the art coffee machines which are serviced by its own highly professional service organization.

    Selecta’s Swiss roots stand for service excellence, high quality product offering and innovative concepts for out of home food and beverage services.

    Being market leader in the vending business demands from us and all our employees to observe and keep full compliance at all times of our Code of Conduct.

  • Vending Innovations

    As the European market leader in vending services, we're constantly innovating and raising our standards, always ready to try out new ideas and concepts. Our goal is to make our clients' and consumers' vending experience an even greater one.

    Our company has always strived to be consumer focused and innovative in offering vending concepts and solutions. This philosophy is put into action with Selecta working closely with manufacturers to bring exclusive vending machines to the market. 

    We like to be first. As our consumers visit our vending machines repeatedly, by introducing new features, products and new ideas we continually uplift our consumers' shopping experience.

  • Key Facts

    Selecta is the European market leader in vending machines, vending services and vending solutions. Here are some key facts about our business...

    • Selecta was founded in Switzerland in 1957
    • Selecta is the largest European vending operator with revenues around € 740 million
    • We service more than 140'000 active vending machines across 18 countries
    • We employ around 4'300 people in 250 Selecta branches
    • We serve 6 million consumers every day at the workplace and on-the-go
    • We offer food and drinks vending solutions in all business segments - from office to healthcare and education and everything in between
    • Balanced Options by Selecta, a pioneering programme offering healthier vending products, was introduced in our vending machines in 2005
    • miofino, Selecta’s own coffee brand, was introduced in 2009
  • History

    In 1950, Joseph Jeger, a Swiss employee working in Basel, went on a business trip to the States and saw his first vending machines in factories there. Having never seen this before, he thought it would be a great idea to put them in the factory of the company he worked for. Spending all his savings, he ordered 5 machines from the US producer and was allowed to install them in the factory of his employer, who is incidentally still a client of Selecta.

    Factory workers used Joseph's machines day in and day out. Unfortunately, they were produced with American fittings – electricity, parts, etc. – so, renting a garage in his hometown of Murten and hiring his first employee, Jeger went on to produce the first hand-made vending machine in Switzerland, the first ever that carried the name Selecta. It was 1957.

    In 1985 Selecta joins the Group Valora and in 1997 Selecta floats on the Swiss Stock Exchange. 

    In 2001 Selecta shareholders approve Compass Group PLC purchase at 1.35 billion. 

    To say we had humble beginnings is a grand understatement. We've grown to be Europe's largest vending company the old-fashioned way – by working hard, growing little by little – and then, once we were in the position to, by acquiring some very strong local companies like SAFA (France), Vendepac (UK), SAG (Switzerland), Canteen (Sweden) and Olland (Netherlands).

    Selecta is now part of Allianz Capital Partners, ACP.