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  • Goals and Values
    Our goal is simple: to serve consumers and clients well

    We strive to always bring fresh thinking to the vending business, constantly reinventing the market itself. And, as a people company, we promise that all we deliver, from service to products, whether connecting with clients or consumers, will be of the highest standard and quality every time. 

    We have four core values that form the pillar of our company and help us deliver on our goals: Freshness, Caring, Excellence and Pleasure  


    For Selecta as a company, Freshness stands for a way of doing things, for a new approach to the vending experience. Freshness means "new"; it's the spirit behind pioneering new fresh food solutions. It is forward movement and thinking. It inspires action.  When Freshness is one of your Foundations, innovative thinking goes without saying.


    At Selecta, Caring is a verb. We care about our employees and they know it. In turn, cared-for employees care more for their clients & consumers. They pay attention to details because they know it counts – details like regular coffee quality testing to ensure consistent taste; they go out on each job with a fresh attitude because they know it makes a difference; our employees help put Caring into action so that everybody wins.  We believe corporate and Caring can be used in the same sentence. Caring isn't some outdated ideal. When a company has Caring as a Foundation, you can feel it. 


    The pursuit of quality, the breaking of new ground, Excellence means that trends are set rather than followed. Other notions implied by Excellence? Flexibility. Reliability. Pro-activity. And service, service, service. Great service even extends to the 1,000 Selecta technicians currently working around Europe to make sure that problems are kept to a minimum. Striving for Excellence keeps a company moving forward.


    As time becomes an increasingly rare commodity, it's the little things that count: A cup of delicious, steaming coffee; a variety of fresh options; visually pleasing vending environments that are easily accessed and well-stocked; welcoming, friendly faces that enjoy meeting needs and finding solutions; even the introduction of different products each month in order to keep it interesting and lively for our consumers. All are a part of the Selecta commitment to Pleasure.


    Being the European market leader in vending business demands from us, our company and all our employees to observe and keep full compliance at all times of our Code of Conduct, which represents within our company the ground for our behavior professionally.