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  • miofino makes your unique coffee moment come true – wherever you are

    The perfect cup of coffee should be personal, it should be fun, it should be fresh, and it should match your taste exactly – it should be miofino!

    As well as coffee beans and care, miofino has a not-so-secret ingredient: passion. We are passionate about offering our consumers a great cup of coffee. No matter where you are: at the office, on the train, or at the airport: miofino delivers your perfect coffee moment.

    Our detailed consumer knowledge sets us apart in the vending industry. We know consumers prefer great-tasting coffee, as well as fantastic body and flavour. This ensures that we consistently add value that is reflected in consumer satisfaction. Our specialist knowledge of coffee from bean to cup ensures that every cup we make is of great quality and taste.

    miofino delivers this knowledge through a delicious variety of coffee choices, so you will always find the coffee you want, when you want it, just as you like it. Served by high-quality vending machines from Selecta, you will enjoy your exceptional coffee moment – regardless of where you are.

    Besides, miofino comes with 100% skimmed milk*, which is virtually fat-free. Subtle and superb with real milk … every sip of miofino is an experience to savour.

    If you’re not a great fan of coffee then you’ll be pleased to know that our real milk also improves the taste of tea!

    Enjoy your life! Enjoy the moment! Enjoy miofino!

    Our identity

    Life as we know it is changing, the needs of coffee lovers are changing, and so are we – hence miofino and the vending-solutions of Selecta. We care for your unique coffee moment. 

    Our specialist knowledge of coffee from bean to cup ensures that every cup we make is of great quality and taste. We do not shy away from setting ourselves the goal of preparing the finest coffee moments to suit your individual daily needs. 

    We offer a vast choice of coffees, so you will always find the one you want, when you want it, to suit your taste – whether at the office, at university or at an underground station.

    We blend, we roast, we grind, we brew just for you! Our state-of-the-art coffee vending machines serve you fresh brewed miofino coffee at its best!

    Our personality

    We are passionate. We go the extra mile to give customers great-quality, great-tasting coffee. 

    We are dedicated. We have an unswerving commitment to choosing high-quality ingredients for every cup of coffee. 

    We are light-hearted. While we are serious about coffee, we don’t have to take ourselves too seriously – after all, life is serious, coffee breaks should be light-hearted sometimes!

    We are modern. We know that coffee is one of the oldest drinks around, but life is changing, consumer needs are changing and we want to grow as a brand in line with these changes – we don’t want to be stuck in the past!

    Our values

    We believe in freshness. Stuffy, old, stale – who wants to be like that? Not us – we believe in fresh ideas, fresh ways of bringing your favourite, great-tasting coffee to you. Freshness is great.      

    We believe in expressing ourselves. Let’s face it: if we don’t express our passion for coffee, what we do and what we like, how will you ever know!

    We believe that making a great cup of coffee is a creative process. As such, we believe we are a creative brand, with a creative product.

    Great coffee makes for a taste sensation. Our coffee is fulfilling and brings us a great deal of pleasure. We believe that whatever we do for you, we should do it with pleasure and, hopefully, provide you with a taste sensation!

    * We only use skimmed milk to make our skimmed milk powder