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  • Coffee drinks and recipes

    We all lead such busy lives, managing more and more tasks in a day that still only has 24 hours. So everyone should enjoy their own individual and personal coffee moment. For each special preference, miofino offers plenty of incomparable coffees and recipes based on miofino’s finest coffee-blends: from mild to mellow and bold, and of course also available in Fairtrade-certified and decaf versions.

    How do you prefer your coffee: while working or when on the move? Latte? Cappuccino? Black? Espresso? Or maybe all of these, at different times. You can rely on miofino’s many years of coffee expertise.

    miofino is all about freshness. Fresh coffee, of course. But also fresh ideas, fresh recipes, fresh ways of delivering better taste. So that, whatever your style, we have a coffee to suit your palette. miofino knows, however, that the coffee experience for you doesn’t start at the cup. With miofino, you will always find the coffee you want, when you want it, to suit your changing daily needs.

    And, of course, the coffee experience doesn’t end at the cup … it’s not just about a great cup of coffee. There is so much more to the rich experience of coffee that we understand and are true to.

    Made with passion and precision, miofino coffee is one of life’s great pleasures – just as it should be. The difference is extraordinary. Great flavour. Great taste. Great coffee. Every time.


    Had a delicious dinner, which you want to round off? Then an aromatic espresso is just what you need. Espresso is a strong, short black coffee, which should be hazelnut brown in colour, with a fine layer of creamy foam on top. It will be the icing on the cake for you and your friends.


    Made up of 1/3 coffee, 1/3 milk and 1/3 smooth and velvety frothed milk: a wonderful tasty cappuccino will appeal to all your senses, no matter where you are. For those with a sweet tooth, fine-tune the moment by adding a sprinkling of cocoa powder.


    You definitely have to try the latte if milky coffee is your favourite! Frothed milk with espresso topped with even more milk foam. Not as strong as a cappuccino, but with a smooth finish. Often served in a large cup or glass.

    Latte macchiato

    Fancy something milky and foamy? Then the latte macchiato is especially for you! It is an espresso topped with about two-thirds steamed milk, with a layer of foam on top. Latte macchiato is often served in a glass.


    Do you like espresso with a little milk? Then the macchiato is your drink! Macchiato is an espresso with a dash of milk foam. The word “macchiato” means “marked”, so basically macchiato is “an espresso marked with milk.”


    If you just like black coffee, then the americano may be for you! Espresso topped up with hot water. Add a splash of milk if you like. Americano is a lighter and less bitter alternative for those who feel that espresso has too strong a taste.


    Can’t choose between coffee or hot chocolate? Then mocha may be the drink for you! Chocolate coffee made by adding frothed hot chocolate to espresso and topping it with milk foam.

    Find the relevant coffee blends for your personal favourite.