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  • Coffee expertise

    We sell 1.2 billion cups of coffee every year. This has provided us with a huge store of coffee knowledge, which you can experience through our vending solutions. It’s our great coffee expertise that enables your special personal coffee moment.
    The little breaks in our lives need to count, for example getting your ideal cup of coffee, just how you like it, every time – even if you can’t always choose when and where you get to drink it.

    Selecting the right coffee beans

    Coffee grows in tropical climates, at high altitudes. We source our coffee beans from various prime coffee-producing nations all over the world. Every country has its own characteristic flavour and, by balancing the right flavours, we have created a selection of coffee blends to match consumers’ tastes.

    We buy raw coffee beans from our roasters, and based on specific quality requirements. Our coffees are roasted in Europe by professional roasters and then delivered to us. We also regularly measure the quality of our coffees to ensure consistently great-quality coffee.

    Understanding consumers

    Life is changing – and so are consumer expectations. Our detailed consumer knowledge sets us apart in the industry. Serving over 6 million consumers per day has helped us grow as we understand what people want; not just their taste in coffee, but the way they wish to consume it, the times at which they want to enjoy it and the style in which they wish to experience it. We deliver this through a delicious variety of our coffee drinks and recipes. These include specialities like the latte, cappuccino and macchiato – all of them at your fingertips and at great value for money.

    miofino understands that everyone has their own “signature” coffee moment; it’s when that unique personal combination of fresh-brewed coffee and fresh milk (if that’s your thing) combine to transport you to a special place, where the world can wait for you to give it your attention.

    A perfect cup of coffee from a vending machine

    Choosing the right coffee beans for taste and quality, and matching them to consumer preferences is the key. Our coffee machines are perfectly calibrated to deliver the right temperature, pressure, grind, infusion time, dosage, sequencing and mixing of ingredients. Selecta has over 1,000 technicians all over Europe who periodically check each of our coffee machines in order to guarantee that the coffee is brewed according to our very own recipe.