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  • Sustainable coffee at the office and on the go

      At Selecta, we embrace ethical business practice by setting sustainable development goals that are integral to the way we do business. Our coffee contributes to these goals while delighting environmentally conscious coffee drinkers not only at the workplace and in offices, but also on the go.

    We believe in respecting our environment, supporting our community and providing quality products and great choice. As part of our sustainable approach, we have introduced the miofino sustainable programme that offers certified and organic miofino coffees.

    The certification mark is an internationally recognised, independent guarantee that our certified miofino coffees are sustainably sourced.

    Enjoy miofino etico, our Fairtrade and Rainforest Alliance-certified coffees, at your work’s coffee corner or on the move.

    miofino etico, our range of Fairtrade-certified coffees for coffee vending machines placed in offices or public spaces, is a sustainable choice for good-quality coffees. Sourced from the finest coffee plantations in Central America, miofino etico is available for instant, roast & ground and whole bean coffee and hot drinks machines. With Selecta’s miofino etico range of sustainable coffees, coffee drinkers and enthusiasts can enjoy a great-tasting cup of coffee brewed with sustainable products for a more rewarding coffee-drinking experience when at the office, at their desk or even on the go.

    Our sustainable coffee makes a difference and we invite employers, their employees and consumers on the go to experience it.

    Fairtrade is the international independent guarantee for coffee drinkers and enthusiasts that the product from a sustainable source, enabling farmers and their staff in developing countries to improve their working and living conditions while encouraging environmental protection in coffee-growing regions. To find out more about Faritrade certification, please visit www.fairtrade.org.uk

    Our coffee makes a difference when enjoyed at work, in the office, or at the airport or petrol station. So we’re inviting you to experience a great cup of coffee from Selecta’s coffee vending machines.

    Ask your Selecta contact person for sustainable coffee.