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  • Workplace
    ...providing a safe and enjoyable workplace

    We are dedicated to working on health and safety, as well as running a company which our employees enjoy working for.

    Training and Development

    To ensure that continuous learning takes place for all employees during their career at Selecta.

    New starters receive a thorough induction into the company and continue to receive training throughout their career with us. This is reflected in the large number of employees who choose to spend a large proportion of their career with us and experience excellent progression. As an example of our recent training activities, we have introduced a new comprehensive coffee expertise training toolkit across the organisation to help our employees develop their coffee knowledge and transfer that know-how into great coffee experience for our consumers.


    We believe that employee engagement is an important factor in employee productivity and job satisfaction. Our internal communication goal is therefore to support employee engagement through listening to what our employees have to say to us and providing them with the information and communications support they need to:

    • understand Selecta’s goal and strategy
    • help us deliver our goal and strategy in their jobs, day-to-day
    • find satisfaction in their jobs


    We carry-out regular, Group-wide employee opinion survey. We take time to introduce new employees to Selecta. We communicate regularly with employees in team briefings and publications on the developments within the business and achievements of their colleagues.  We support change with continuing communication, explaining what is happening, why we are making the change and what it means for those involved. We also provide communications for the teams introducing and selling new products and point-of-sale concepts.

    Health and Safety

    To actively ensure the business activities undertaken by Selecta don’t affect the health and safety of Selecta employees, client employees and members of the public. 

    We have a Group-wide Health and Safety monitoring system which tracks all major incidents including the actions taken. All regions invest a substantial amount of time and money to minimise the incidents which take place.