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  • Coffee Vending Machines

  • Choose Selecta Coffee Vending Machines For A Unique Coffee Experience

     There’s nothing like a hot cup of coffee to help you start off the day. At Selecta we know how to make a great cup of coffee, as with our coffee vending machines, you can have the perfect coffee experience.

    Our coffee dispensing machines are designed to give you a fresh experience every time. Our machines are easy to use and are specifically calibrated to provide the right amount of water, temperature and blend every time. Our coffee machines offer a wide range of blends, so no matter what you are in the mood for, you will be able to find the right cup of coffee to suit your tastes.

    High Quality Coffee Machines From Selecta

    At Selecta we have a range of high quality coffee machines available, including table top and stand alone.

    Take, for example, Selecta’s range of table top coffee machines, which are incredibly stylish and highly reliable. They feature a wide range of coffee blends. With the touch screen feature on this coffee vending machine, it is easy to select the coffee you want. Choose the size and strength of your coffee, as well as the option to have sugar and milk. On the other hand, if you aren’t in the mood for coffee, most of our machines can provide the hot water to make a refreshing cup of tea.

    The majority of our coffee machines come with A+ energy rating. This means that energy costs are minimised, making them an eco-friendly option for your business.  

    At Selecta we are passionate about coffee, and strive to give you the perfect coffee moment with our coffee vending machines. Our specifically selected Miofino coffee is designed for coffee dispensers and has been created from carefully selected ingredients for a harmonious blend to satisfy varying tastes across Europe.

    At Selecta we also have a great range of drinks and snack vending machines and water coolers available, so you can enjoy thirst-quenching drinks and fresh water with our excellent vending services.