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Coffee Vending Machine
Grande Milano


Technical Specifications 
H 1830 mm / W 650 mm / D 742 mm 
Weight 170 KG

Power supply 
230V / 50HZ / 13A


Environmental Features

  • Helps reduce waste as consumers can use their own mug
  • Produced in a factory with ISO 14001 accreditation

Coffee Vending Machine
Grande Milano

The Grande Milano coffee vending machine brings the coffee shop experience to your employees or the general public, delivering quality, great value and convenience. It is a floor standing coffee vending machine for bigger offices and higher traffic locations. Serving a high quality, bean-to-cup coffee consumers can enjoy their coffee in a large coffee shop style paper cup, completed with a sip lid. Competitively priced, the Grande Milano coffee vending machines offers great value and choice, with a retail offer which is available 24/7.

  • Serves high quality, bean to cup and instant coffee in a large 12oz cup, complete with sip lid
  • Choose from bean to cup and instant coffee and fresh brew or instant teainstant coffee and fresh brew or instant tea
  • Allows consumers to adjust drink to their taste, adding sugar and increasing / decreasing strength
  • Easy to use with large direct selection buttons and clear labelling
  • 300 cup capacity making it suitable for a variety of locations