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  • Great tasting coffee
    From your vending machine

    At Selecta we are passionate about coffee - and it is our passion that translates into real world results for our clients and genuine satisfaction for our customers.

    And, we know how to make a perfect cup of coffee. We source the best beans from around the world. We also take care of our coffee vending machines to ensure the perfect coffee experience.

    miofino coffee match to your taste

    We offer variety of coffees to meet your needs

    • Variety of whole bean coffee
    • Roast and ground coffees
    • Instant coffees
    • Flavoured coffees
    • Certified coffee range and decaffeinated coffee is also available

    4 steps to making the perfect coffee from a vending machine

    At Selecta we take pride in providing a great cup of coffee every time and to achieve this we use the ‘whole cup’ approach.

    1. Quality ingredients
    We use miofino, our own blend of coffee specifically designed for vending

    2. Best recipes
    We research and develop the best recipe to ensure the right balance of ingredients

    3. Perfect vending machine calibration
    Our vending machines are set to the right calibration to ensure a great tasting cup of coffee every time

    4. A great tasting cup of coffee
    A great cup coffee can be enjoyed all at the touch of a button