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  • Healthy Vending
    Healthy options from your vending machine

    In response to a growing demand for more balanced snacking options and well-displayed nutritional information, we have created the Balanced Options programme. It aims to give consumers the ability to make informed choices they think are right for them, enabling them to take control of their diets whether at work or on the go.Balanced Options includes a selection of snacks and cold drinks that meets the following nutritional criteria: 

    • less than 200 Kcal, less than 6 grams of fat, and less than 250 mg of sodium for snacks
    • less than 5 grams of added sugar for cold drinks


    With Balanced Options offering lighter versions of brands already popular with Selecta consumers as well as things like mineral waters and fresh fruits, we've tried to ensure there's something for everyone. Balanced on one hand, tasty on the other. Keeping with "choice", the Balanced Options range will of course be offered in amongst other favourites and traditional vended snacks and drinks.

    Balanced Options Logo

    A Balanced Option logo has been created so that products can be easily and quickly identified amongst our vending offer.