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  • Sustainable Products
    A wide selection of certified and organic vending products

    At Selecta we embrace ethical business practice setting sustainable development goals which are integral to the way we do business. As part of our sustainable approach, we have introduced a range of certified and sustainable products.

    The certification mark is an internationally recognised, independent guarantee that our certified products are sustainably sourced. 

    Sustainable coffee and hot drinks

    Try also our two delicious Fairtrade certified hot chocolates: Chocolate Fairtrade is a great tasting sustainable alternative and Chocolate Fairtrade Silver is a premium choice without hydrogenated vegetable oils, HVO’s. Healthier doesn’t have to compromise the taste, with Chocolate Fair Trade Silver consumers can enjoy more cocoa for that great tasting chocolaty indulgence but with half the fat than many traditional hot chocolates.

    In addition to coffees and hot chocolates, we offer sustainable teas providing our consumers with an enjoyment of great taste with peace of mind that it is from a sustainable origin.

    Sustainable snacks and cold drinks

    Ask for certified products. We constantly increase the amount of certified products across all our product categories. This way consumers can enjoy great quality while at the same time contributing good to the world.   


    UTZ CERTIFIED Good Inside is a sustainability programme dedicated to creating an open and transparent marketplace for agricultural products. Besides coffee UTZ CERTIFIED has developed sustainability models for the production of cocoa and tea. Per product there is a Code of Conduct developed with social, environmental and economical requirements for responsible production. Certified farms and cooperatives are trained on these criteria which help them work more professionally and efficiently and results in higher quality. The UTZ CERTIFIED label on a coffee pack means that you know how it was produced and where it comes from, thus that is good inside. For more information, visit www.utzcertified.org.

    Rainforest Alliance Certified™

    Rainforest Alliance Certified™ farms meet standards for sustainable farming that protect the environment and the rights and welfare of workers, their families and communities.The Rainforest Alliance certification is a guarantee that the product is sustainably produced. For more information, visit www.rainforest-alliance.org.


    Fairtrade is based on a partnership between producers and consumers. Fairtrade sets out to tackle poverty and empower producers in developing countries. For producers Fairtrade means prices that aim to cover the costs of sustainable production, an additional Fairtrade Premium, advance credit, longer term trade relationships, and decent working conditions for hired labour. The Fairtrade certification is your independent guarantee that the product has been certified in accordance with international Fairtrade Standards. For more information, visit www.fairtrade.net.

    EU organic farming

    EU organic farming logo offers consumers assurance of the product origins and quality. The European Commission introduced the new logo in July 2010, and the logo's presence on any product will guarantee that the product is compliant with the EU organic farming regulation. For moreinformation click here.