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  • Vending machines for healthcare and hospitals
    Refreshments for staff, patient and visitors


     In today’s competitive healthcare world, hospitals face increasingly challenging budgets and ever more discerning customers demanding the highest of standards. Your success may well depend on the ability to remain focused on your core business activities, the day to day running of the hospital and all things related to patient satisfaction. 

    We offer…

    • Wide-ranging refreshment for staff, patients and visitors.
    • From a 1m2 vending outlet to a 24/7 self- contained restaurant in a waiting area, and everything in between
    • Large-scale coffee brewing systems for patients
    • A wide range of products, including Balanced Options selections for the health conscious
    • Potential for differentiated pricing for staff and non-staff
    • Practical cashless pay card for staff and visitors
    • Engaging merchandising and promotions support
    • For more information about your local vending services, please contact your local Selecta.

    Welcoming break time for visitors

    For visitors, your vending area can provide more than a quick cup of coffee. A 24/7 welcome, it can be a pause, a place to gather ones thoughts as much as it might be a snack grabbed at 10:00 o’clock at night when they’ve forgotten to eat and the cafeteria is closed.

    Fresh experience to your employees

    A productive day at work always consists of a little down time. Nurses, doctors, cleaning staff, administration, everybody needs to take a break now and then. And whether that break translates into coffee, a cold drink or a snack, Selecta can provide everything needed to truly refresh your employees.

    Coffee time for patients

    Selecta can offer everything you need for in-room coffee service. We have a lot of possibilities so you are sure to find the combination that is perfect for you and your patients’ needs.