Foodies Grab & Go: Self Service Micromarkets

Wouldn’t it be smart if you could offer fresh food, snacks and drinks together in one solution? If you could replace your kiosks or small canteens with an attendant-free and more cost-effective alternative? Our theft-resistant smart fridges open, when the consumer presents a payment method and are ideal for smaller spaces. If you are looking for a 24/7 solution, perfect for flexible working style, our Foodies Grab & Go is your answer.


How it works

Our Foodies Grab & Go is as easy to use as your own fridge at home. But much smarter. Our Foodies Grab & Go can stock products of all shapes and sizes. Our technology automatically detects which items have been selected, ensuring the transaction is seamless from start to finish.

A clever combination of everything you want

Fast & Easy

Unlock the fridge, grab what you want, pay in one process.

Fresh & Healthy

Offer your staff fresh, organic food like salads and fruits.

Efficient & Cost-saving

Needs less space than a canteen and is much cheaper.

Food & Beverages

Fill it with any food or beverage you want.

Safe & Secure

100% theft-free operation, ideal storage of the food.

App & Card

Reliable gateway for large-scale automated transactions.

Flexible & Future-proof

For locations of any size, adaptable to future trends.

Challenging times require smart ideas.

As hybrid working becomes the new normal, the need for traditional canteens have shifted to a grab and go, 24/7, flexible solution. Our smart solutions provide fresh, high quality food, with low maintenance costs.