Bond Information

Details of Bond

Selecta Group finances its operations through a mixture of medium-term notes which are due to mature in 2024. All three bonds are listed at the International Stock Exchange, Guernsey, The Channel Islands.

The Group is currently rated B with a stable outlook from Standard & Poor’s Credit Service and B3 with a stable outlook with Moody’s Investor Service. At the year end 2018, the Group had a leverage ratio of 4.5x on a pro-forma basis, post synergies.

As at 19/07/2019, the Group had a well-spread maturity profile with outstanding medium term notes as below:


    Interest Coupon  

Maturity Date


Senior Secured Notes


€765,000,000 5.875% 2024

Senior Secured Floating Rate Notes


€325,000,000 5.375% 2024

Senior Secured Notes


CHF250,000,000 5.875% 2024


Credit Rating Information


Standard & Poor’s Rating Service:

Corporate Credit Rating: B

Senior Secured Notes: B

Outlook: Stable


Moody’s Investor Service:

Corporate family Rating: B3

Senior Secured Notes: B3

Outlook: Stable




2018 Annual Bond Report

The latest Annual Bond Report is available to download below. Please note this document is password protected. Please email to request access.