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Choose from cold and sparkling water coolers or the latest hot water taps.

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The right solution for you

Just 1% dehydration has been found to directly reduce vigilance and working memory. We can help ensure your staff are fully hydrated with the latest in water coolers and hot water tap solutions.

  • A variety of different solutions designed for different budgets and requirements
  • Enjoy peace of mind as every water cooler is supplied with a high quality Brita water filter using the latest advance purification technology
  • Environmentally friendly, our water systems are direct chill only, reducing waste and eliminating the need for large water bottles

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Finding the right solution

We understand that it can be difficult to decide which solution is right for your business. Our experienced account managers will help you find the right water cooler or hot tap solution for your business.

  • Choose from tabletop or freestanding water coolers
  • Treat your staff to sparkling water, served perfectly chilled at the touch of the button
  • Enjoy free-flowing hot water, perfect for tea, with the Billi Quadra, the perfect accompaniment to your tabletop coffee machine

Guaranteed quality

All of our water coolers are supplied with Brita water filters, giving you long-term protection for your water cooler and reassurance that every cup of water is of the highest quality.

And if you choose our Fully Managed Service, our merchandisers will ensure that your water cooler is always clean and sparkling, whilst our engineers will carry out regular sanitation and filter changes for guaranteed quality.  

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