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Water cooler ISEO

Safety and elegance go hand in hand


Water cooler


Water cooler

The Iseo has been designed for companies who put the health of their employees or customers first whilst minimizing maintenance costs. This incredibly durable WRAS approved water cooler can dispense up to 60 cups of water every hour, yet uses 25% less energy than a 60 W light bulb. Available as a freestanding or tabletop water cooler, the Iseo is connected directly to the mains. A large dispensing area ensures that even big water jugs are filled quickly.


  • Improved CO2 footprint for your company: with the Seattle Water Cooler you drink pure water in an environmentally friendly way.
  • No bottles = no waste = no CO2 footprint due to transportation of bottles
  • Integrated easy-access 2-stage Brita Water Filtration (activated carbon filter + membrane filtration) offering controlled water quality with automatic switch-off in order to guarantee alway fresh and clean water
  • 2-stage coated stainless stell dispense nozzle reduces the risk of a retrograde bacteriological contamination substantially
  • Dispense performance of 120 liters per hour

Water menu

  • Pure fresh water
  • Cool soda
  • Directly to your glass
Dimensions Table: 320 mm x 415 mm x 450 mm
Dimensions Stand alone: 320 mm x 1330 mm x 450 mm
Weight 21 kg bzw. 35.5 kg
Electrical requirements 230 V, 50 Hz, 10 A

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