Our Sustainable Approach

Selecta's sustainability report provides an overview of the activities we have taken in the areas of environment, community, product and workplace.

As you would expect from Europe’s leading coffee and vending services company, we have a wide variety of sustainably sourced coffee, tea and hot chocolate to suit every taste. So when you choose our Fairtrade, Utz and Rainforest Alliance certified products, not only do you enjoy a superior drink, but you are supporting the farmers who have lovingly grown the coffee beans, carefully picked the tea leaves, or tended to the cocoa plants.

Selecta's sustainable approach

Respecting our environment - reducing our carbon footprint by using energy efficient machines and cutting down on waste

We are supportive of community initiatives, both locally and globally, and also support activity undertaken by our supply chain.

Offering a wide choice of quality products – introducing high quality ranges, including healthier choices and certified and sustainable products

Providing a safe and enjoyable workplace – educating employees, encouraging communication, and improving health and safety