Food Trends of Todays Commuter

If you’re always on the move, you may find yourself eating on the go more often than not. Whether it’s grabbing a cup of coffee before your train or a quick sandwich in between meetings, sometimes we prioritise speed over quality.

So, what are you buying on your daily commute, has this changed in more recent times and is there an ideal way to fulfil your cravings while your travel?

Your Morning Coffee

The first thing a lot of us think about when we set out on our commute is “I’ll grab a coffee for the train”.  

In the UK, we drink approximately 95 million cups of coffee per day. In London alone, on average, workers spend £175.50 on travel per month and £30.50 on coffee.  

Time is precious when catching the train into work or meeting a client for an appointment. It means a lot of us need to factor in time to grab refreshment on the way.  

It’s clear that commuters go for convenience when grabbing coffee on the go. In today’s market, you no longer need to compromise on quality just because you’re picking food or drink up at the station.  

Solutions like Foodies on-the-go, means you can grab a high-quality Pelican Rouge coffee in a matter of seconds or a satisfying bite to eat.  

But did 2020 changed the way we commute?  

Having reduced commuting substantially during lockdowns, working adults in the UK are keen to commute just two to three days a week, and only one in seven expect to return to five days a week in the office.   

In a recent study of 2,500 UK commuters, it was found that after lockdown, 46% admitted to enjoying their commute.  The popularity of hybrid working means that heading into the office is much less of a chore.  

The variety of mixing home and workplace means grabbing your on-the-go refreshment is something to enjoy. Commuters have the time to choose quality coffee, rather than rush to just get that morning kick.  

Sugary pick me ups, might be making you feel worse

A recent study showed the average UK commuter consumes nearly 800 additional calories a week while travelling to and from work, often because of unhealthy snacking. 

Waking up early for your drive or train into work means one of the first obstacles you face is your tiredness.  

The thought of a sugary snack to boost your energy in the morning can lead to you making those unhealthy choices. 

You may be surprised to know that turning to those sugary treats to wake you up, could leave you feeling worse! The spike it causes in your blood sugar can rapidly fall, ultimately leaving you feeling more exhausted.  

Something quick, easy and a wide range of choice is what you need. Travel can be stressful enough without the added worry of making sure you choose a healthy snack or finding something quick but filling.  

The average commuter spends more than £10 a day on lunch, takeaway coffees and other food. 

You could be spending all this money on food that’s not only bad for you but adding to your fatigue.  

Foodies Micromarkets and Smart Fridges can offer hundreds of healthy, ultra-fresh, on-trend food and drink combinations.  You can find breakfast, lunch, or dinner options, so you have variety whenever you’re traveling.  


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