Help stand up to food waste

A study in 2018 found that, in the UK alone, we produced 9.5 million tonnes of food waste. 

We know it sounds scary but, it’s not all doom and gloom as, surprisingly, the pandemic may have had a positive effect.   

A survey in 2020 found that the lowest level of food waste, at 13.7% was reported in April during the first lockdown. The changing attitudes of the UK public are having an impact revealing 30% of respondents started using up more leftovers. 

Leftovers in the retail industry are adding to this problem on a huge scale. Every year 100,000 tonnes of food in the retail and food manufacturing sector are wasted.  

Effecting our environment  

Food waste can massively impact our planet, contributing to around 8-10% of greenhouse gas emissions.  

According to Olio, the app that connects people and local businesses so food can be shared, throwing away just five meals is the same as: 

We have the opportunity in our industry to achieve impactful, positive change.  

Looking at our efforts towards food waste allows us to help our environment and work towards a greener future.

Reuse, give back & share 

As one of the UK market leaders in 16 European countries, we serve over 7,000,000 consumers every day. 

It’s our responsibility to ensure we work with our clients to create a more sustainable future. Food waste is one of the many aspects we consider.   

We turn our waste streams into valuable resources. We collect most of the organic waste from the coffee beans at the roasters, process this into green electricity, and heat in a biomass fermentation installation.  

We also collect coffee grounds from our clients and use them as a source of renewable energy. 

How about the waste that doesn't get used for energy? 


In the UK, Selecta started a partnership with Olio to move towards zero food waste. 

Any food nearing its expiry date gets collected by Food Waste Heros. From here, Olio then shares this among their local community via the Olio App. Surplus food is shared with the community and not thrown away. 

Not only this, but our regional brand, Express Vending, works with local foodbank charity DEN’s. We believe in giving back to our local communities and supporting them in their efforts against homelessness. 


We’re proud to say this is one of the many ways we empower our planet. You can read our 2021 Sustainability Report to find out all the other ways we’re putting our environment first.  









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