What is a MicroMarket?

MicroMarkets are compact, self-serve stores that provide fresh, healthy food and drink 24/7. Automated and requiring no staff, MicroMarkets are at the cutting edge of enterprise catering solutions.

They consist of an open rack display, reach-in refrigerated coolers or/and freezers and a self-checkout kiosk. Consumers can pay using cash, credit/debit cards, or with pre-paid credit. They offer a wide variety of options. A single MicroMarket can easily stock between 500-1000 products, while a traditional vending machine can hold around 40-50 product lines.

Once installed, a MicroMarket works just like a supermarket. Customers choose from a range of chilled drinks, healthy snacks, sandwiches, and fruit. Then, they use the self-service payment kiosk to purchase their items.

All the convenience of a shop, without ever having to leave the office. And for your enterprise, you get all the benefits of a canteen, which is open around the clock.

Employee well-being: a strategic priority for employers

MicroMarkets allow enterprises to respond to the challenges of employee catering. The models of yesterday are simply not fit for purpose in a world where employee well-being has become a strategic goal.

As workloads increase, the desire to stay healthy and productive comes to the forefront and nutrition plays a major role. Companies are duty-bound to assume responsibility. But by handling it innovatively, you can profit from a healthy and productive working environment.

Healthy food

MicroMarkets offer a wide range of fresh and healthy options to your workforce. From fresh fruit and veg, to healthy snacks and drinks. And being open 24/7, these options are made available to staff who, in the past, may not have had access to them.

With a MicroMarket, night staff and shift workers can enjoy the same standard of catering as day staff, without your business having to staff a canteen day and night. Promoting a healthy lifestyle to all your staff makes them feel valued and part of your company culture, no matter what time they work.

Healthy mood

MicroMarkets give your staff the freedom to enjoy a better range of lunch options without having to stress about rushing out of the office. They can take their time and make sure they’re getting the most out of their break periods.

Because breaks are important. A break in the workday is a chance to push the restart button. If you work with a screen, you can give your eyes a break. If you work in a warehouse, you can put your feet up and ease your muscles.

One research study suggests that "when faced with long tasks... it is best to impose breaks on yourself. Brief mental breaks will help you stay focused on your task."

MicroMarkets also allow employees to catch up with one another in a friendly location and socialise. They can be designed based on your specific needs, so you can create the perfect environment for your employees to relax or collaborate in.

Personal interaction between colleagues in an enjoyable and modern atmosphere can increase motivation, which will lead to an increase in productivity.

Benefits of Micromarkets to business

MicroMarkets combine the convenience and availability of traditional vending machines with the latest food trends and a feel-good atmosphere. The benefits of a MicroMarket include:

  • An increase in employee engagement and business culture
  • Increased staff productivity
  • Simple food and refreshment management
  • Flexibility

MicroMarkets are quick and easy to set up. They are secure and require little day-to-day maintenance. They can be adjusted to the available space. No matter what sort of shape or size space your business has to work with, a MicroMarket can be adapted to fit.

They can also adapt the food range on offer to the demands of their employees. Advanced data intelligence from the kiosk system offers straightforward sales analysis, so you know what your staff enjoy most.

Employees can chat with their colleagues about the weekend or discuss the current state of a project in a modern break-room atmosphere. This brings teams closer together and creates a sense of community. This has a positive impact on their willingness to perform and boosts productivity and creativity.

MicroMarkets from Selecta

Our Foodies MicroMarket has reinvented office lunches. These 24/7 self-service supermarkets can be perfectly integrated into your organisation, providing fresh meals to your staff on demand. Motivate your colleagues with delicious snacks and healthy meals at any time.

Join the modern workplace with the European leader for MicroMarket workplace refreshment solutions.

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