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For over 40 years, Kubota has led the way in tractor, ground care and mini excavator excellence. What once was a vending offering of mainly unhealthy snacks, crisps, chocolate and fizzy drinks has transformed into a healthy food and beverage solution that fits in more with their mantra, “For Earth, for Life” and keeps employees happy and healthy.


Kubota is a market-leading manufacturer of high-performance machinery solutions, producing a diverse product range for the agricultural, groundcare and construction equipment industries. The company is also a world leader in the production of engines for Original Equipment Manufacturers, all supported by excellent after-sales services.

Before the installation of the Foodies MicroMarket, Kubota's main break area was a little lacklustre, quite dark and consisted of only a couple of tables, chairs and a single sofa. The vending offering at the time stocked mainly unhealthy snacks and the coffee machine was of a good standard but didn't quite fulfil all the needs of the business. In the last three to four years, Kubota's headcount has risen by 20-30%. For a smaller number of employees, the amount of vending machines previously sufficed, but now Kubota needed something more to cater to the extra staff.

In addition to this, Kubota had a snacks wagon that came to its Thames site daily, which provided plenty of pasties, sausage rolls and sandwiches, but no healthy options. This was decreasing the productivity of staff, as they were leaving their desks mid-morning to catch the van.

Kubota spoke to their employees and surveyed them to find out what they craved and wanted in terms of vending. What came out very strongly was the desire for healthier foods and more variety for vegetarians, vegans and those with allergies.


To execute Kubota's vision to have a healthier, upgraded vending experience, we installed our Foodies MicroMarket, an open plan refreshment area where staff can help themselves to products they want before quickly paying at the 24/7 self-scan kiosk. Foodies provides a range of 239 products for breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks including healthier food choices and hot meals. Kubota believes a healthy workforce is essential as it leads to fewer sick days and better employee retention, so it was important that we delivered health-conscious food and beverage offerings.

For Kubota, Foodies was an ideal solution as it sits nicely between standard vending options and an in-house canteen.


We are proud to say that we have been refreshing Kubota for over a decade, drove a positive company culture up by 122% and increased product line choice up by 269%.

After the extensive refurbishment of their whole break area and the installation of our Foodies MicroMarket in a central location between their three buildings, employees can make healthy choices when buying food such as fruit and salads, which couldn't be done with the previous facilities. The ease of buying within Foodies was also a massive benefit and Kubota staff now find they can relax there during lunch, rather than rushing into town to buy food. Kubota has also used the Foodies MicroMarket for external meeting purposes and as a recruitment tool.

The success of the Foodies installation and the encouraging impact it has had on employee engagement means Kubota and Selecta continue to have a very positive partnership and enjoy working together to this very day.

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