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We provide tasty beverage and snack vending solutions at any location - from your office to your kid's school and everywhere in between. We are pioneers in offering a healthier choice of products, as well as improving the coffee experience for everyone.

European leader in vending

About us

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Who we are

Hello, we are Selecta, Europe’s leading route-based unattended self-service provider, offering coffee and convenience food solutions in the workplace and in public spaces.

Every day we serve tasty beverages and snacks to more than 10 million people at our 475,000 points of sale across Europe. We provide vending services and solutions for all types of companies in all business segments.

We are focused on creating the perfect coffee experience at your workplace and on the go. This includes a selection of stylish coffee machines, a full range of high quality coffee blends and a comprehensive service & maintenance packages. All that attention to detail translates into a carefree coffee break. The best kind!

With more than 10’000 employees in 16 countries, we at Selecta owe most of our success to the outstanding qualification and commitment of our employees. That’s why we strive to offer safe and desirable jobs, focused on personal development and mobility.

Our Values

Our Values - teamwork
Our Values - Teamwork
Our Values - Winning attitude
Our Values - Winning Attitude
Our Values - excellence in execution
Our Values - Excellence in Execution
Our Values - customer focus
Our Values - Customer Focus
Our Values - integrity
Our Values - Integrity

Our mission

Selecta is dedicated to providing great quality coffee brands and convenient food and beverages concepts.

Our vision

Selecta will be the European leader in unattended self-serve coffee and convenience food, at the workplace and on-the-go.

Our brand promises

With passion and excellence, we positively influence the life of our customers and consumers.