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Top 5 facts about hydration
Your body depends on water to survive. Every cell, tissue, and fibre in your body needs water to function optimally. For example, your body uses water to maintain its temperature, remove waste, and lubricate your joints. Water is needed for overall good health.
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How tea is enjoyed around the world
There are approximately 1,500 types of tea around the world and after water, tea is the second most popular beverage in the world. In 2021, 297 billion litres of tea were consumed world-wide.
The most popular iced coffee drinks
Iced coffee is a popular category in the Food & Beverage space. With more than 170 million iced beverages being sold across the UK annually and an equally scaled version across Europe, the iced coffee industry sees a consistent growth of 14.3% annually and with the sector estimated to be valued at £660m by the end of this year.
The latest news about Burundi
Coffee is the primary export product of Burundi — a relatively small African country located in the Eastern-central part of the continent. The climate conditions are favourable and the country is well-known for its excellent coffee quality.
The latest news about Rwanda
Rwanda is a coffee exporting country, well-known for its high-quality Arabica beans, located in Central East Africa. The largest share of the coffee is produced by over 350,000 small-holder coffee farmers, with an average farm size per farmer of fewer than 0.5 hectares (1,24 acres)².