Selecta announces the pan-European partnership with Change Please to bring social impact through coffee

Cham, Switzerland, 16.01.2024, Selecta Group, a Swiss-based FoodTech leader with a world-class distribution network in Europe, announces its partnership with Change Please, a social enterprise dedicated to lifting people out of homelessness through the power of coffee.

Selecta and Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters (PRCR), two esteemed entities in the coffee industry, are delighted to announce their preferred partnership with Change Please, the award-winning social enterprise that blends coffee expertise with a powerful social mission.

This collaboration is set to revolutionize the landscape of coffee roasting and self-service distribution across European markets. By teaming up with Change Please, Selecta and PRCR aim to advance the social impact scale and reach of Change Please and to offer clients a coffee option which delivers positive impact in the local community. This partnership represents a shared commitment to making a difference and driving positive change within the industry, ultimately creating a brighter future for all.

Change Please is more than just a cup of coffee; it is where social enterprise and coffee expertise blend seamlessly. Every cup purchased from Change Please supports individuals experiencing homelessness through a comprehensive program which gives them a new shot at life. Change Please provides a living wage job, training, and helps them to find housing, therapy, get a bank account, and ultimately find permanent employment.

Change Please coffee offers a range of carbon neutral blends catering to diverse taste preferences. Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters will begin to roast the Change Please blends for distribution across Selecta markets.

Selecta and Change Please will also work together to develop recruitment channels and support Change Please program participants in a journey toward possible long-term employment within Selecta.

Christian Schmitz, CEO Selecta Group:
«Together, we're not just serving coffee, we're creating a positive impact in our communities. Our partnership with Change Please means that Selecta consumers all over Europe can enjoy a cup of coffee that truly changes lives.»

Cemal Ezel, CEO Change Please:
«By partnering with Selecta, we leverage their distribution network across Europe to extend the reach and impact of Change Please, offering more individuals the opportunity to rebuild their lives through the power of coffee.»

Celebrate the life-changing efforts of Change Please and their coffee initiative aimed at combatting homelessness. With every sip, you contribute to a tangible change in people's lives and actively engage in community service. Selecta is really proud to announce the partnership with Change Please, ensuring that standing by clients in championing this impactful solution.

It's a mutually beneficial collaboration, offering ethical coffee blends, all while making a positive social impact on the community that Selecta serves.

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