Selecta and TINE announce partnership to expand innovative FoodTech concepts across Norway

Cham, 11.03.2024, Selecta Group, the Swiss-based FoodTech leader with a world-class distribution network in Europe and TINE, one of Norway's largest food producers, are entering into a partnership to jointly develop the food and beverage solutions of the future in Norway. The collaboration concerns the vending market, where a long-term partnership has been entered into to safeguard and further develop a more sustainable development model.

The companies' ambition is to build on each other's strengths and establish synergies that will provide a better experience and a better offering for clients and consumers. The goal is to expand the vending concept and accelerate nutritional FoodTech with Selecta across Norway.

Selecta's extensive network and expertise in the market makes the company a perfect partner. With TINE as a food and nutritional advisor and broad expertise in the Norwegian market, the parties plan to reach an optimal solution for the development of vending and the Foodies concept in Norway. By utilizing Selecta's FoodTech solutions for presence in workplaces and public places, TINE aims to bring dairy products even closer to consumers. The aim is to make the products more accessible to consumers while making the purchasing process seamless and simple. 

As part of the partnership, Selecta will take over the operation of TINE's vending machines. A lot of work is being done to ensure that the transition of TINE's products to Selecta's portfolio is efficient and seamless. Through the partnership, Selecta will use TINE's extensive client base and robust sales organization to conduct joint visits and lead generation. This is to reach new markets and drive growth in the On the Go segment and the growing FoodTech industry. In addition to contributing Norway's strongest brands within dairy and between meals, TINE will contribute food science and nutritional advice to the partnership.

Through the collaboration, Selecta and TINE want to redefine the FoodTech landscape in Norway by setting new standards for quality and innovation in the market that exceed client expectations.

«TINE has found a very good partner in Selecta. We have entered into a strategic partnership for the joint development of future food and drink solutions in Norway. The collaboration focuses on the vending market, and we at TINE are pleased to have entered into a long-term partnership to safeguard and further develop a more sustainable development model together with Selecta. Together, we have the ambition to build on each other's strengths and achieve synergies that optimize the total offering in the market», says Anna-Carin Torgersen, Business Manager, TINE SA.

«We are thrilled to join forces with TINE, one of Norway's largest food producers, to deliver innovative FoodTech solutions to consumers across Norway», says Jonas Lilleskov, Market Leader for Selecta Norway.