Pelican Rouge

Dordrecht, Netherlands, November 28, 2022: Selecta Group is introducing 20 new sustainable coffee blends under the Pelican Rouge brand. The blends are all Rainforest Alliance or Fairtrade certified and come in fully recyclable packaging. Pelican Rouge is committed to making its entire business process more sustainable –reducing CO2 throughout the supply chain, providing transparency in sourcing, and working directly on farm-level programs to improve the livelihood of coffee farmers.

The new range will be revealed on Monday, November 28. From mild and classic to dark roasts, the 20 blends cover the range of taste preferences across the 36 countries where Pelican Rouge is currently sold.

"Coffee is consumed all over the world, but the taste preference varies locally. Thanks to our experience since 1863, we know how to offer the optimal taste profiles for our consumers. The new range includes 20 blends, there is an interesting variety of blends and single-origin coffee each with a unique flavor profile," says Marco Retel, Group Export Director, Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters.

In addition to a fully certified coffee range, the new Pelican Rouge coffee goes further to deliver sustainability throughout the supply chain. The renewed brand brings together five key sustainability elements: certified coffee, recyclable packaging, reduced CO2 emissions, transparent sourcing, and support for local farmers. By actively developing farm-level programs, Pelican Rouge is creating a sustainable and stable coffee supply chain.

"Enjoying coffee is a daily ritual for many people. We believe it is important to make good tasting and sustainable coffee. We are proud to be relaunching Pelican Rouge as a fully sustainable brand by actively reducing our carbon footprint, building and maintaining long-term sourcing relationships and farm-level programs, and creating traceability from farm to cup”, adds Marissa Célette, Chief Strategy & Sustainability Officer of Selecta Group.