Voting of Scheme Creditors

Steinhausen, 21. October 2020, Selecta Group B.V. (“Selecta” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that, at today’s meeting of the Scheme Creditors, 100% of the holders of its (i) €865,000,000 5 7⁄8% Senior Secured Notes due 2024 (ISIN XS1756356371 and XS1756356611, the “Euro Fixed Rate Notes”), (ii) €375,000,000 Senior Secured Floating Rate Notes due 2024 (ISIN XS1756359045 and XS1756359391, the “Euro Floating Rate Notes”) and (iii) CHF 250,000,000 5 7⁄8% Senior Secured Notes due 2024 (ISIN XS1756227309 and XS1756298078, the “CHF Notes”, and together with the Euro Fixed Rate Notes and the Euro Floating Rate Notes, the “Notes”) that submitted a vote (being over 500 Noteholders) in respect of the scheme of arrangement proposed by Selecta Finance UK Limited (the “Scheme”) voted in favour of the Scheme. Accordingly, the requisite majorities of Scheme Creditors have voted in favour of the Scheme.

The next step is a further hearing of the High Court of Justice of England and Wales on 27 October 2020 to sanction the Scheme.

This is an important and positive milestone in the implementation of the Group’s recapitalisation transaction (the “Transaction”) and demonstrates the level of support the Group’s creditors have in the Group. Selecta would like to thank the Noteholders for their continued support of the Transaction.