What does Gen Z look for in an employer?

Reading time: 4 min
by Cecily Batten - Global Marketing Leader
Recent studies estimate that by 2025, 27% of the global workforce will be Generation Z. Gen-Z is the generation of people born between 1996 and 2012. Moving towards their mid-twenties means most of this group are beginning their entry to the professional workplace.

But what do they look for in an employer, and how can you appeal to them?

Of course, everyone has individual requirements, and not every person in a generation will be in the same situation. We wanted to share the overarching features the new wave of employees consider when applying for jobs (on average).

What do Gen Z value?

The biggest stand out for this generation is how much they care. Similar to Millennials, Generation Z has shown they’re passionate about social issues and full equality.

From the social media influence of their upbringing, it’s not surprising to know how involved people of this generation are with the community. They care about the planet and the people in it.

Growing up with technology, they know exactly how to embrace it. In every aspect of life, work and personal, technology has been part of it. It’s enabled everyone to share opinions, values, and thoughts on a huge scale.

How do you meet their expectations in the workplace?

Generation Z has certainly been a driving force for change and it’s creating a better and more balanced work life.

Flexibility & benefits

A third of Gen Z has claimed to be the most hard-working generation. They do however say this is when they’re motivated to do so, with things such as flexibility and competitive benefits.

It’s crucial to understand the importance of a work-life balance, especially following the pandemic in 2020. Things such as paid time off, activities, and mental health days are essential for Generation Z.

When attracting Gen Zers, you need to consider what encourages healthy lifestyles, wellbeing, and going beyond traditional benefits.

Offering workplace food and drink is a huge aspect of championing a healthy workplace. A survey found that 72% of Gen Z see healthy eating as a crucial aspect of their physical and mental health.

Offering a wider variety of food choices in the workplace is something not to overlook, ensuring you empower healthy living in every aspect of work.

Transparency, Diversity and Openness

This generation is pushing for change in every aspect of their life. A BBC survey in the UK found that GenZers were far more concerned about prejudice towards LGBTQ+ people, gender equality, and racism than older generations.

They constantly push for more equal opportunities, and this involves the place they work. Making choices to be an inclusive and diverse workplace ensures you’re doing all you can to push towards equality.  

The new workforce wants transparency and trust through their leaders. They want to understand the goals of the wider company, what they’re working towards and the impact it’s having. This trust also allows them to speak freely, discussing thoughts and opinions with the higher team. They want to feel heard.

Providing a workplace where your employees can continuously grow will make major strides in establishing long-term loyalty and trust is key.

Development opportunities

A LinkedIn study found that 76% of respondents wanted the opportunity to learn and practice new skills in a job role.

Growing up in the digital world, means the opportunity to learn has been on their doorstep from day one. By just popping online you’re greeted with a world of training and learning programs.

Embracing this willingness to improve and offering development in a role, ensures you’ll be able to recruit but also retain this generation, creating a skilled and motivated workforce.

We’re excited to announce we’re starting our graduate program again in 2022, and this time it’s international! We want to embrace this new generation entering the workplace, with travel opportunities, competitive benefits, and opportunities to grow.