Water Dispenser Buyers Guide 2024

Considerations Before Purchase

Business Needs

A water cooler must meet the needs of a business. The type of water cooler best for a business depends on a few key factors:

  • What is the cost? — Businesses must consider the price of a machine and how many they might need as their budget might affect their negotiations with vendors. 

  • How big is the machine? — Workplaces with limited space may need to consider the size of the machine and whether it can fit in enclosed spaces or busy corridors. 

  • Does the water cooler meet health and safety standards? — Businesses must think about safety features when leasing, renting or purchasing a cooler. This includes contamination protection, filtration standards and how easy the machine is to clean. 

  • Is it practical? — A water cooler needs to provide ample hydration to get through the day — this means being able to carry a large enough volume of water for the entire office. 

  • How convenient are these water coolers to use for potential clients or other guests? — They need to be easy to understand and use for everyone. 

Employee needs

Employees, like the business, also have individual requirements that need to be fulfilled. The most prominent factors when considering employee needs are:

  • Are there enough water coolers? — It’s important to understand how many employees there are and how much water is required to avoid queues and shortages. 

  • How accessible are these machines? — Some employees may have disabilities that prevent them from accessing water coolers in certain areas. These employees must be taken into consideration too. 

  • How hygienic are the machines? — Water from general drinking taps holds traces of lead, chlorine, giardia and other toxins, which is why a dedicated water cooler is the best way to keep employees healthy with toxin-free water! 

Site Needs

Understanding the needs of the site is another important aspect of the water machine selection process. Key factors include:

  • Where the machine going to be positioned? — Businesses must consider if the machine is easy to regularly refill, and whether employees access it properly. 

  • Is the site in need of any renovations soon? — If so, it’s best to put the water cooler as close to the exit as possible to ensure ease of removal before renovations begin. 

  • How much does it cost to run? — As well as the installation and unit costs, energy costs are important to consider, to ensure precious capital isn’t being wasted on water coolers nobody will use. 

  • How easy is it to repair and manage these water machines? — Maintenance costs are another crucial factor, and water machines with a higher maintenance requirement are going to be inoperable for longer periods if they stop working.

At Selecta, we offer a range of water machines to suit any business, employee or site needs, all for an affordable price!

Budget & Management

The budget and management costs of a particular water machine must be also taken into consideration.

A machine with a higher cost in comparison to its actual usage may end up being a large money sink for a company, while a low-cost and low-maintenance machine that sees a wide volume of usage will be more beneficial long term.

Choosing a particular water machine is based entirely on how much the company can justify spending and how much use a company will get out of it. Below are the key factors worth considering when thinking about budget and management costs:

- Energy costs — Businesses must consider how much it costs to power multiple units and any overheads on refillable water jugs.

- Repair costs — Third party services are needed to restock, maintain and repair these machines — should they break down.

- Initial purchase price — Machines can be rented, leased or purchased — businesses should consider which payment plan works best for them.

Types of Water Coolers

There are a variety of different water cooler types, and each is better for different situations and environments. Understanding each of these types is essential to knowing what water cooler would be best for a particular business.

What to Look for in a Water Cooler Supplier

When looking for the perfect water cooler supplier it’s best practice to research find vendors that give you the best service for the right price. Below are four key qualities of a good provider that any customer should look out for.

Trusted Provider

Before contacting a water machine supplier it’s often best practice to research the company.

Vendors with a well-established and traceable record and a large base of happy customers are the ideal supplier to provide the best service.

Regular Maintenance

Some larger water machines require regular maintenance.

It’s essential that a supplier also provides regional maintenance and repair services to ensure that a company isn’t left with a broken machine and thirsty employees.

Most reputable suppliers offer regular maintenance or a support helpdesk for broken machines at a minimum.

Green Credentials

In the modern climate-conscious world, any reputable supplier must focus on and make commitment to making green machines.

Vendors that offer A+ rated, energy-saving machines that waste minimal water and power should be prioritised when purchasing machines — not only for the environmental benefits but the reduced cost too.


Vendors that offer a range of machines that cater to the needs of many working environments are often better equipped to provide businesses with a bespoke service unique to them.

Selecta offers the best of all four of these key areas, making us the perfect provider for all water cooler needs. For more information about what other services we provide, visit our site!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How often should I refill my water cooler?

How long a water cooler lasts in between fillings depends on how much it’s used and the capacity of the tank. It's best to have a weekly stockpile of water to refill the cooler — hold a stockpile for longer than a week and it can begin to affect the water quality.

Do water coolers save money?

Water machines save money in a variety of areas.

Hot water from machines saves on energy costs that would otherwise have been taken up by boiling a kettle — which is inherently inefficient.

Likewise, water machines are a lot cheaper than buying bottled water in bulk.

It also cuts down on plastic, making them more sustainable in the long term.

Do water coolers help the workplace socialize?

The act of going to refill water from a machine can grant an employee a much-needed mental break from their workload, reducing stress and improving workplace morale.

Employees can also socialize, talking about non-work-related topics as they wait to refill their water. This can massively boost teamwork and social cohesion within the office space.