Selecta code of conduct and Whistleblowing

Selecta Code of Conduct ("Code") sets general guidelines for conducting business with the highest standards of ethics and integrity which are essential ingredients for our success. The Code explains what is expected from all of us - individually and as a team - in every market and at every level.


By living our Code of Conduct we want to create and maintain an open, trustful, and honest environment where we can achieve our best work.

We are committed to conducting business with integrity and fairness, with respect for the law and our principles. We promote an approach for compliance which is based on three pillars:

  • Prevention – we seek to embed a culture of openness and integrity at all levels, in all markets.
  • Detection – we encourage associates to speak up and raise their concerns.
  • Response – we have the structure and processes to investigate and use what we learn to continually improve.


By implementing a SpeakUp programme, we are asking and encouraging associates and third parties to raise potential unethical or illegal behaviours. We offer a variety of mechanisms to raise concerns and they are all safe. Genuine concerns reported honestly can be raised without fear of retaliation – we have a zero-tolerance approach to retaliation.

Together, we embrace a culture that encourages us not only to "Do the Right Things Right," but also to raise our hand when we see that something is not right.


We want to work with suppliers, clients, agents, distributors, and other business partners who have values similar to ours and uphold the same standards as we do.

Our channels for reporting concerns are also available to external parties.
Please visit

On receipt of a report, we formally acknowledge and encourage engagement to facilitate the investigation and, where appropriate and possible, we aim to provide transparency with regards to the investigation progression and anticipated completion.

Data Privacy

We are committed to protecting the personal data obtained as part of SpeakUp. For more general guidance on how Selecta collects, uses, and shares personal data through the whistleblowing system, please see the “Whistleblowing privacy notice”.