Public Sector Catering & Vending Services

At Selecta, we provide a variety of indoor and outdoor self-service catering solutions to fit a wide range of spaces and locations. We’ll also ensure your solutions meet compliance regulations, health and safety laws and consumer needs during the tendering process — walking you through each step of the way.

Find out more information about our public sector service offering below:



Whether it’s for employees caring for the sick and injured or visitors seeing their loved ones, both site staff and employees need around-the-clock access to nutritious, satisfying options at the touch of a button. Our technologies let them do just this, boasting a range of unique features to make getting good food easier than ever before.

Public transport

Whether consumers are travelling for leisure — and seeking more dine-in options — or are commuting and need food to-go, self-service options for public transport hubs are an effective solution. To deal with the high volume of foot traffic, modern self-service catering solutions can help speed up the process and much more!


Good food is vital for developing young minds — nutritious meals form the backbone for a healthy body and a healthy brain. That’s why Selecta’s range of self-service catering solutions let students and staff access a range of healthy meals, snacks and drinks that keep them energised throughout the day.