Most Popular Types of Coffee on Instagram

Reading time: 3 minutes
by Cecily Batten
In the Eighteenth Century intellectuals ditched mead and picked up the latest pick-up: coffee. What followed was the Enlightenment- a period of rapid intellectual advancement.

Flash-forward to 2015 and the debates continue, except they’re now less about ‘How do we improve science, art, and industry’ and more ‘What looks better on my selfie, the X-Pro II or Valencia filter?’

Coffee and Instagram go together hand in hand (often quite literally), which is why we’ve put together this comprehensive list of the most hashtagged varieties of the brew.

We’ve also included schematics on how to make the top 11 blends, just in case anyone in the office asks for a Macchiato and you’re worried it’s looking too much like a Café Au Lait.

Popular coffees on Instagram

Here’s our full list of the most popular coffees on Instagram:

  • 1st – Latte
  • 2nd – Cappuccino
  • 3rd – Espresso
  • 4th – Mocha
  • 5th – Ice Coffee
  • 6th – Frappuccino
  • 7th – Americano
  • 8th – Macchiato
  • 9th – Flat White
  • 10th – Caramel Macchiato
  • 11th – Café Au Lait

This article was originally published in 2015.