Machen Sie die Flüssigkeitsaufnahme zu einem angenehmen, erfrischenden Moment. Unsere Wasserspender liefern rund um die Uhr frisches, gefiltertes Wasser - auf Knopfdruck. Es war noch nie so einfach, Ihren Mitarbeitenden und Kunden das Gefühl zu geben, dass sie mit Energie versorgt sind.

Your Selecta advantages at a glance

Saves costs and requires no staff

Reduces plastic waste

Promotes the health of employees

Unser Angebot an Wasserspendern

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What are the advantages of a water dispenser?

One million disposable bottles are bought every minute worldwide - that produces a lot of waste. Water dispensers help to solve this problem and provide access to fresh, filtered water. The practical devices protect the environment and your wallet, as you can expect considerable savings compared to the price of plastic bottles. In addition, they offer the following advantages:

An affordable supply of healthy water at all times

Satisfied clients, employees, and guests

Improved staff efficiency

An increase in the attractiveness of the location

No need for extra staff

No lugging around drinks

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Need help deciding which model to choose? Don't worry – there is a suitable model for every requirement profile. In the following, we will show you which device is right for you.

These different types are available:

Die Wahl des richtigen Wasserspenders für Ihr Büro

Can be placed on the floor or the table. The unit fits in all environments and provides your guests with various water types.

Die neuesten Trends bei Wasser und Wasserlösungen

Is suitable for enclosed spaces and is particularly space-saving thanks to its minimalist design. This solution provides you with room temperature, chilled, and sparkling water.

Die Vorteile des Wassertrinkens

Is suitable for cold, uncooled, hot, and sparkling water thanks to its direct cooling system.

Die Vorteile des Wassertrinkens

these tap-mounted water coolers purify tap water and areparticularly cost-effective.


Then we have the answers: you can contact us at any time via our contact form.

Water dispenser: A versatile solution

Water dispensers are guaranteed to enhance the environment, whether in the office, retail, schools and universities, health care, industry, or public services.
Water dispensers are especially useful in the following places:

Image 2.jpg
Image 2.jpg

Sustainably improves your company's eco-balance, as your employees and clients no longer need disposable bottles.

For your office:

Image 4.jpg
Image 4.jpg

Ensuring the sufficient water supply for pupils, students, and nursery children and promotes sustainability awareness.

For educational institutions:

Drink water.PNG
Drink water.PNG

Provides sparkling refreshments before, after, and during training.

In the gym:

Drinking water at work.PNG
Drinking water at work.PNG

Offers a cost-effective and sustainable alternative to high operating and energy costs through deposit systems.

For your business:


Provides clean drinking water of filtered quality – for an optimal water supply for your employees 24/7.

For industry:

Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-07 um 14.13.53.png
Bildschirmfoto 2023-02-07 um 14.13.53.png

Is suitable for a safe water supply for patients and residents.

In the healthcare sector:


Offers low effort without lugging crates. If required, you can also serve chilled or carbonated water.

For restaurants and cafes:

Buy or rent a water dispenser: Which option is better?

Different spaces have different needs, and we can guide you on the ideal solution:

  • Buying a water dispenser: is suitable for medium and large companies and represents an investment in fixed assets. Compared to the rental option, the cost of purchase is significantly higher. If you wish, you can sign an additional contract for maintenance and filling.
  • Renting a water dispenser: is suitable for small businesses and start-ups that want to write off the rental costs directly. When renting, you can enjoy low initial prices and flexible financing. Regular maintenance and inspection are usually included in the rental contract, which has the advantage of enjoying the complete Selecta service after signing the contract.

Water dispenser: Enjoy the all-round service from Selecta


Once you have decided on a suitable device, the next question is who should take care of operation and maintenance.

You have two options to choose from: Either you take care of your drinking water dispenser yourself or you use the full premium service from Selecta. This leaves nothing to be desired and includes regular maintenance, consultations, and refills.

Our local Joy Ambassadors react quickly and use data from each machine’s telemetry. Your water dispenser is guaranteed to stay clean and in good working order.