Miofino Premium Coffee

Our Miofino coffee range is sourced, roasted and blended with care and quality in mind. With a broad choice of flavours and blends from our fully-managed machines, Miofino only source the highest quality beans and ingredients for your hot beverages.

Miofino is our in-house brand — drawing from 150+ years of experience and crafted at our roastery in Dordrecht. From our full-bodied coffee beans to our instant blends, Miofino is the next level in coffee excellence.


Affordable Coffee Without Compromise

Miofino provides quality coffee at a competitive price. They’re a no-nonsense solution that provides a range of coffees and hot drinks seamlessly. Miofino only use ethically-sourced beans and goes to great lengths to support local harvesters and global communities.

Miofino ranges

The Miofino coffee range includes beans and instant blends – with flavours that range from caramel to herbal and spicy flavours.

Miofino grande classico

A full-bodied, lightly roasted blend for a malty and peppery aftertaste. Inspired by the tastes of Italy, this espresso provides a powerful kick.

Miofino delizioso forte

A medium roast with a soft, creamy body and texture - accompanied by a mixture of sweet spices and caramel sweetness.