Nescafé Coffee Machines for Offices


Solutions to meet your business needs

We meet your business needs with a range of hassle-free solutions creating great moments of pleasure and indulgence for coffee drinkers in the workplace and other channels.

Furthermore, our ‘Cup of Respect’ sustainability plan respects farmers, communities and the planet.

Grown respectfully

NESCAFÉ has an ethical sourcing plan to help farmers grow more and better coffee.
We respect farmers by helping them to plant and grow healthier, disease-resistant coffee trees that produce more and better quality coffee beans, so they are able to afford a better life.
We respect farming communities by helping them to prosper. Creating the opportunity for younger family members to continue their farming heritage.
We respect our planet because the plan is also about bringing new farming techniques that protect and conserve natural resources.

The Nescafé social hub for your workplace

Boost staff collaboration and productivity with a premium self-served coffee experience.

Modular Solutions

A range of modular solutions which offer quick and uncompromised quality coffee.

Full Coffee shop menu

Wholebean to cup solutions featuring a full coffee shop menu including Latte, Cappuccino, Flat White and more specialties.

attractive design

Attractive design, featuring a Nescafé machine, convenient interfaces and various payment system options.


Easy-to-use for operators with full service back-up and breakdown cover. Fully telemetry enabled providing comprehensive reporting.

flexible units

Available in counter top and freestanding modular units.