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Evoca Korinto.png

Evoca Korinto Prime

The Evoca Korinto Prime is a machine built for high-volumes, but doesn't compromise on taste. Aimed at the HoReCa (Hotel, Restaurant and Café) market, this machine is excellent quality and great value.

  • High footfall areas
  • Multi-drink dispenser solution
  • Large touchscreen
  • Coffee & Hot Beverages
  • Office coffee machines
  • Self Service
  • Coffee vending machines
  • Table Top
  • Inside
  • Bean to Cup Coffee
  • Instant Coffee
  • Instant Decaff
  • Instant Decaff
  • Coffee Specialities
  • Chocolate
  • Hot Water

With a sturdy stylish design that features a stainless steel dispensing area able to accommodate up to 24 cm mugs, the Evoca Korinto Prime easily complements any environment it is placed in. With a fantastic automatic multi-drink dispenser, it enhances any small or medium sized establishment, such as hotels, bed & breakfast premises, club houses as well as refreshment areas for business and education.

Key features

Sleek design
Large graphic display
Can use own mug


Optional payment systems
Easy cleaning

715 mm
331 mm
528 mm