LattizⓇ (Friesland Campina), Aequator and Selecta have joined forces to develop this exceptional, sustainable milk foam machine. Friesland Campina is the market leader for dairy products in the Netherlands, Aequator is the oldest coffee machine manufacturer in Europe, and Selecta, the market leader in food technology, offers a first-class distribution and service network.

  • Sustainable
  • Easy to clean
  • High capacity
  • Durable machine for quality coffee with fresh-tasting milk
  • Coffee & Hot Beverages
  • Office coffee machines
  • Table Top
  • Commercial coffee machines
  • Bean to Cup Coffee
  • Pelican Rouge
  • Fresh Milk
  • Self Service
  • Coffee vending machines

Thanks to the revolutionary LattizⓇ milk foam technology, the highest quality and best taste are guaranteed, without the need for daily cleaning. Before the LattizⓇ bag-in-box is empty, the operator receives a message. No downtime or unnecessary waste. The LattizⓇ has a shelf life of up to 10 days after opening, even three months before opening. The Lattiz Ⓡ requires no refrigeration, which reduces the machine's energy consumption by 80%. The two coffee bean grinders are of Swiss quality. The consistent milk quality ensures great coffee creations. The machine consists of 5 modules that are easily interchangeable. So you don't need a technician, just replace the unit to fix it on the spot. The machine is perfect for high capacity work environments, catering and to-go, or as an upgrade to fresh-tasting milk foam instead of milk powders.

Key Features

Low maintenance cost and durable milk foam solution
Large capacity
Brew two coffees simultaneously


High quality look and feel
Easy to use and maintain
Delicious coffee

702 mm
490 mm
600 mm