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Schaerer Coffee Machines_Soul 12_Front View_Black_Steel_Cooler.jpg

Schaerer Soul 12

The Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 is a compact, high-capacity bean-to-cup tabletop coffee machine. With the 12.1" video touchscreen, the Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 is intuitive and easy to operate.
Automatically adjusts the outlet height for the chosen beverage. Perfect for self-serve use by hotel guests, visitors or employees.

  • Up to 250 high-quality drinks per day from whole beans
  • Wide range of beverages including coffees, chocolate and tea
  • 3 user-friendly modes: Guest mode, staff mode and frequent user
  • Space-saving compact design
  • Coffee & Hot Beverages
  • Fresh Milk
  • Self Service
  • Coffee vending machines
  • Self Service
  • Table Top
  • Inside
  • Bean to Cup Coffee
  • Espresso
  • Coffee Specialities
  • Espresso
  • Coffee Specialities
  • Hot Water
  • Chocolate
  • Office coffee machines

This fully automatic coffee machine is specially designed for hotels, larger offices or company canteens. Due to its slim design - this coffee machine is only 33 cm wide - it fits effortlessly on any narrow counter. The Schaerer Coffee Soul 12 combines advanced technology with a beautiful, attractive appearance. The large touchscreen makes operating this espresso machine incredibly easy so it's ideal for self-service. The Coffee Soul 12 is a top espresso machine that effortlessly serves up to 250 cups of espresso per day.

It can be fully customised to suit your requirements.  

Optional 4.5L twin fresh milk cooler or 10L fresh milk coolers available. 

Key features

Up to 3 grinders for different bean blends
3 modes: guest, staff and frequent user
Sleek design  only 330mm wide


Fresh milk
Wide range of drinks
Up to 250 drinks per day

730 mm
330 mm
576 mm