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The Changing Landscape

After speaking to licensed healthcare professionals, healthcare site staff and catering teams, it’s clear that there are things that need to be improved on — and Selecta can help by offering joy to go.


With many healthcare facilities interested in reducing waste, slashing energy consumption and reducing costs, Selecta’s range of self-service vending machines and micro market installations help keep food fresher for longer while reducing energy use through features like compartmental cooling and low-power modes.

Mental health and well-being

Access to good food any nourishment is paramount for a healthy mind. That’s why Selecta’s range of machines are capable of housing a broad range of goods — from healthy hot and cold meals to snacks and treats — to help keep healthcare workers refuelled and reenergised during long shifts.

Providing a well-rounded service

With so many people coming in and out – from patients and visitors to nurses, doctors and site staff — everyone needs catering for. That’s why Selecta’s focuses on providing grab-and-go options for those that need a quick bite to dine-in meals for those looking to unwind when they’re not on the clock.

Technologies to Transform your Dining Spaces

Nourishment is vital for any healthcare establishment. To offer a range of hot and cold meals, snacks, and drinks that cover a range of cultural, religious or lifestyle differences and also can be served around the clock, technology needs to be brought in to help catering staff keep pace with the increasing demand.

Some of the technologies to transform your dining space include:

Micro markets

Whether supplementing a large canteen with extra choice, providing smaller food hubs for wards or snack hubs for visitors and staff, micro markets offer a range of dining options — bringing joy to staff and visitors without the overheads. They can also operate around the clock letting busy visitors and staff access nourishment at any time.

Foodies Grab & Go

The Foodies Grab & Go are intelligent vending machines that boast a range of features – including intelligent vending, internal cameras, automated stock refills and fast digital payments — designed to transform a dining space. Whether it’s used as part of a central dining hub or used in smaller micro markets the range of high-spec technologies available guarantees that people can get food quickly, easily and feel great doing so.

Self-service vending machines

Self-service machines dispense a range of meals, drinks and snacks at the touch of a button. With seamless payments and rapid service, its essential for those grab-&-go meals for busy staff and visitors on a tight schedule.

Coffee Machines

From large, freestanding coffee machines to smaller units, workers, employees and visitors can access a range of coffees from all the leading blends — like Nescafé, ZOÉGAS, Lavazza and our sustainable brand, Pelican Rouge. Our range of consumer-centric coffees.

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A Technological Alternative

With real-time insights and data at our disposal, we’re able to analyse what people buy and in what quantities, what the conversion rate is and what products sell the most — giving businesses the knowledge needed to make sales.

All of our food technology machines:

Are Interactive and Digital

Our range of smart fridges, barista stands and vending machines come with interactive touch screens and digital interfaces — making for seamless payments and easy navigation to get the products you want.

Cut Employee Overheads

With a fully automated vending solution — whether it be a micro market setup or machines from the Foodies Grab & Go range — reduce the need for employees and can be available to consumers 24/7.

Are Incredibly Secure

All our machines are durable, incredibly secure and built to last — deterring even the most seasoned thieves from trying to break in.

Need more inspiration?
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Our Mission and Passion

Out mission is to transform the catering space. Whether it’s public spaces, canteens, food courts or at-work dining, we’re aiming to change how people buy and consumer good food using out state-of-the-art technologies.

We aim to:

  • Reduce labour costs with our unmanned, scalable and highly innovative technical solutions.

  • Creating a welcome and inclusive dining environment for all.

  • Supporting staff to make sure they feel appreciated and keep them nourished with high-quality, tasty food options throughout the day.

  • Offer environmentally friendly solutions that cut carbon emissions and reduce waste.

We also like to build a personal connection with our clients. We’re passionate about helping businesses make more informed stock choices using data insights and offering an extensive range of products from our self-service machines to bring joy to people through food.

Our heritage means we’re passionate about great quality, wholesome food in welcoming environments where people can connect, pause and enjoy. While our leading technology provides an easy user journey.

Your business

At Selecta, we offer a range of safe, hygienic, and attendant-free machines designed to fuel your staff, customers and visitors.

Selecta is international. This means no matter where you are in Europe, we’ll be able to tailor a complete self-service solution with the snacks, meals and drinks native to your region and bespoke to your business.

We’ve worked with many medical facilities across Europe including: