duo850+ (1).jpg
duo850+ (1).jpg

Duo 850 Smart Fridges for Offices

The Selecta Smart fridge comes in a single size to meet any of your requirements. You can customise this fridge with a great assortment of snacks and drinks. These machines can be placed in any location either public, semi-public or private.

  • Premium vending solution
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Fresh Food compatable
  • Foodies Micro Market
  • Smart Fridges
  • Healthy vending machines
  • Food vending machines
  • Smart vending machines
  • Inside

The Deli Single is a premium vending solution as a stand alone option withing the Foodies range. With sufficient space for your fresh food favourites you can combine this with drinks and ambient food. With a reduced carbon footprint, this machine is ideal for snacks, drinks and fresh food sandwich and meal items.

Key Features

Fits any location
Secure payments
Versatile & reliable
Variety of snacks & drinks


Optional Payment systems
Wide range
LED lighting

External Width
1940 mm
Up to 2030 mm
600 mm