Selecta introduces innovative smart fridges in Sweden

Switzerland / Sweden, June 25, 2020: Selecta, Europe’s leading route-based unattended self-service provider, is pleased to introduce two new innovative smart fridge solutions in Sweden, Selecta Deli and Selecta Minicooler. As workplaces are starting to reopen post-lockdown and more people are returning to work, employers are looking for easy and flexible catering solutions to respond to their workforce’s refreshment needs. With this in mind, Selecta has designed the new innovative self-service solutions to provide flexible food and refreshment solutions for different workplace needs.

Food at work plays an increasingly important role in contributing to a good and balanced working life. Selecta Deli is a new, stylish self-service catering solution that is available 24/7 and offers a wide range of fresh and convenient food, salads, sandwiches, snacks, coffee and chilled drinks at the workplace, providing an unattended alternative to kiosks and small canteens. Using the latest technology, Selecta Deli is designed to optimise the available product offer and minimise waste. In addition, Selecta Deli is quick and easy to use, and employees can pay for the products by a credit card or through a mobile app.

With the launch of Selecta Minicooler, smaller workplaces can also benefit from self-service catering. Specifically designed for small offices and workplaces with fewer people, the Selecta Minicooler is a small fridge offering simple snacks and chilled drinks, with no waste, and is available 24/7. It is the ideal solution for workplaces where traditional vending solutions wouldn’t make sense or wouldn’t physically fit. The products on offer can be customised to suit the clients’ needs, and are provided by Selecta, though the client can replenish themselves if needed. The Selecta Minicooler can be integrated in any office or added to complement any existing Selecta coffee offer.

Andreas Fetscher, Head of Business Development, at Selecta Sweden comments: “At Selecta we are focusing on innovation and bringing new solutions to better serve our clients. Companies are increasingly looking for new, flexible solutions to cater to the needs of their workforce and finding unattended alternatives to kiosks and canteens, as their employees return to the work. With our new family of smart fridges, we are launching a revolutionary way to eat or drink at work, at any time. The new fridges can be tailored for customer needs, and are super easy to use with no waste.”

About Selecta Group

Headquartered in Switzerland since 1957, Selecta is a European leader in unattended self- serve coffee and convenience food, operating in 16 European countries. An annual turnover of EUR 1.5 billion is a testament to the passion and dedication of more than 9,000 highly skilled Selecta employees, providing great quality coffee brands and convenient food and beverages concepts for the workplace, on-the-go as well as hotels, restaurants and cafes (“HoReCa”). For further information, please visit www.selecta.com