Drink vending machines – refreshment on the go

A cold drink invigorates the body and soul, whether after sports, on the way to an appointment, or during the lunch break.

A well-filled vending machine is an uncomplicated solution to quench the thirst of your employees, guests, and clients at any time. At the same time, they are particularly space-saving and do not require additional staff for sales.

The Advantages of Selecta

Available 24/7

An Additional Revenue Stream

Completely Self-Service

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The Advantages of a Drink Machine

It’s recommended that people have 1.5 litres of water a day to stay healthy — this can be challenging in a day-to-day business environment. Self-service cold drinks vending machines provide an easy remedy to the problem.

They have been proven to promote and increase consumer hydration and positively affect employee productivity.

In addition, our drinks vending machines offer many advantages including:

Cheap Refreshment Solutions

Satisfied Clients

Improved Employee Performance

Adds to the Aesthetics of the Environment

Can Be Placed Both Indoors and Outdoors

Additional Revenue Streams

Individual Branding Options

Our Drink Vending Machine Models Include

Selecta offers suitable machines for every situation – no matter the situation.

Some of the features of our vending machines include:

Improved Temperature Control

Our machine cooling system keeps products chilled around the clock – no matter the temperature. This cooling technology also extends to our range of sandwiches, fruit, and freshly baked rolls.

Dispensing system

Our range of spiral and drum vending machines have seamless dispensing capabilities — letting clients access a range of hot and cold meals and drinks quickly and at the touch of a button.


Our machines come in all different sizes, depths and fill quantities — meaning there’s the perfect vending solution for any space.

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Professional Support

Selecta can support you in your journey toward quick, uncomplicated lunchtime meals. If you choose Selecta, you will benefit from high-performance, modern vending machines and comprehensive service based on over 60 years of experience.