Change Please Coffee: Brew change, fuel impact

Elevate your coffee experience with social impact. Change Please is an exceptional coffee experience that is not just about exceptional taste, it’s about creating a positive impact on the world.

Change Please Presse Release-2 (1).png
Change Please Presse Release-2 (1).png


Change Please coffee is expertly crafted by our Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters, ensuring a rich, flavourful cup every time. The Change Please coffee comes in three different carbon neutral blends, each with a unique taste profile, catering to diverse taste preferences.

Savour the eco-conscious elegance of the Aurora blend. 100% Arabica beans with a medium roast reveal notes of caramel and milk chocolate, finished with a hint of mild acidity for a smooth, delightful cup. Rainforest Alliance certified.

Discover the bold character of Lumiere, a crafted blend of Arabica and Robusta beans, medium-roasted to draw out a symphony of flavours. Each cup offers a rich tapestry of chocolate and cereal notes, with a sweet fudge finish that lingers on the palate.

Step into the bold intensity of Nova, a robust blend of Arabica and Robusta beans dark roasted to awaken the senses. Embrace the deep notes of dark chocolate and roasted almonds, underscored by a warm spice that adds an exotic complexity to your coffee ritual.


By choosing Change Please, you are supporting a social enterprise that empowers homeless individuals to rebuild their lives through coffee training and employment opportunities.

Today in Europe, Change Please delivers impact in London, Manchester and Paris. Dublin, Glasgow, Birmingham and Berlin are to follow this year.

Outside Europe, Change Please delivers impact in New York and Charlotte, USA and Perth, Australia.

Over the twelve past months 981 homeless people were supported in the UK and 70% of Change Please successful graduates secured work or education.


Our commitment to sustainability extends beyond the coffee cup, with eco-friendly packaging, responsible sourcing, and notably, our offering of carbon-neutral coffee. In a world where corporate success is increasingly measured by social responsibility, we present an opportunity that not only satisfies your caffeine cravings but also champions a meaningful cause. Envision this - your daily coffee ritual, that first invigorating sip, is now a catalyst for positive change.

This carbon-neutral coffee gives employees a sense of purpose that transcends the daily grind. Knowing that their company’s choices are contributing to a sustainable future enhances their job satisfaction. Employees who see themselves as part of a conscientious effort are often more engaged and fulfilled in their roles.

Organizations with a commitment to sustainability, like offering carbon-neutral coffee, resonate with people. This commitment is a magnet for top talent, attracting those who want to align their work with their values. A company that embraces its social responsibilities not only fosters loyalty but also becomes a beacon for prospective employees who are looking to make a difference with their career choices.