Pelican Rouge: Great Tasting Coffee Beans

Pelican Rouge goes further, ensuring clients and guests are served the perfect cup of coffee each time.

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The best tasting cup of coffee

It is all about the taste and serving the perfect cup of coffee each time. At Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters we know all about sourcing the finest coffee beans and roasting these to perfection.

Different blends have been carefully developed to please an array of tastes around the world.

Roast are developed with specific brew methods in mind. A slow roast for espresso blends and an adapted version for filter-prepared coffee.


Like wine, coffee is a natural product with a variety of flavours. Each coffee-producing country, each farm and each way of processing a single harvest results in a unique taste.

Consumers seek novelty but also demand consistent quality, so they can trust that their favourite coffee will taste the same day after day. One way to achieve consistency is by blending coffee beans from different origins, whether they come from multiple farms or various countries around the Equator. Each blend that Pelican Rouge Coffee Roasters develops has its own special flavour characteristics and comes with serving recommendations. Our master roaster ensures that coffee blends live up to their originally intended flavour profiles.



To be able to enjoy the best tasting cup of coffee each time, it’s key to understand the different machine settings and coffee blends inside out.

When brewing a perfect cup of coffee it is important to use fresh coffee, clean water and well maintained equipment. Also important the type of blend (for example a darker roast for an Espresso and lighter roast for a Café Crème), water dosage, appropriate water temperature, brew time and the water pressure.

Our professionals are perfectionists, expertly equipped to adjust machine settings in harmony with the blends.

Flavour wheel

Our coffees are grouped into 6 categories, each of which falls under a broader classification of mild, classic or dark roast intensity. Within each category is an exciting variety of our blends and single-origin coffees, all of which have their own unique flavour profiles. Though its descriptions are general, the flavour wheel will guide you to the coffees that are sure to best suit individual taste buds.

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