Segafredo coffee beans for offices

Segafredo aims to serve and offer the best coffee worldwide. With this passion they like to bring people in the world together.


Segafredo Zanetti was among pioneers to expand the Italian espresso excellence experience internationally, following the same guiding principles – a true passion for coffee with uncompromising quality & service.

From plant to cup, Segafredo Zanetti controls the entire coffee value chain. From sourcing the finest raw coffee beans, expertly blending and roasting, to global distribution, ensuring exceptional quality in every cup.

The Segafredo Range

Unlock optimal coffee experience with Segafredo Chiave.

The Segafredo Chiave blends will open doors to high-quality Italian coffee, with each blend offering its own unique characteristics.

Magnifica RFA

Magnifica represents the key to a rich and full-bodied coffee experience. It unlocks a luxurious and indulgent cup of coffee that stands out for its richness.


Dorata symbolises the golden key that opens the door to a rich and balanced coffee experience. It is the key to a versatile, smooth, and well-rounded cup of coffee. 


Armonia represents the key to a harmonious and balanced coffee experience. It unlocks a smooth and aromatic cup that brings together subtle floral and fruity notes.