Coffetek Vitro M5

Thanks to the innovative patented micro-injection air technology (MIA), the Vitro M5 prepares drinks with a delicious cold or hot foam, like the best Barista, at the touch of a button.

  • Barista quality drinks
  • Customised drinks recipes
  • Latest technology
  • Coffee & Hot Beverages
  • Office coffee machines
  • Self Service
  • Coffee vending machines
  • Inside
  • Bean to Cup Coffee
  • Instant Coffee
  • Instant Decaff
  • Espresso
  • Coffee Specialities
  • Chocolate
  • Hot Water
  • Table Top
  • Tea
  • Contact Free
  • Fresh Milk

The Vitro M5 is very easy to programme and you can adapt any recipe to suit the tastes of your consumers. You can select the order in which each ingredient is poured into the cup, specify whether you want the milk to be liquid or foamed and hot or cold, and the amount of foam you want for each option. With the ability to be able to offer a full selection of espressos and fresh milk drinks, from velvety cappuccinos to latte macchiatos with a deliciously thick layer of foam to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding consumers. Your recipe will be made with precision, cup after cup.

Key features

Serves hot and cold drinks
Easy to programme
Drinks include Foam


Fresh milk
Wide range of drinks

775 mm
480 mm
590 mm