Commercial Coffee Machine Buyer’s Guide 2024

Business Needs

When buying a commercial coffee machine, businesses should aim to buy ones that balance their needs and those of the customer.


Whether you're looking to operate a commercial coffee machine in a confined space or open areas with higher traffic, size matters. Larger commercial units can dispense more coffee than smaller, desk-top units making them more profitable over a given period.


Larger units with additional features are more expensive. Businesses should calculate what they're willing to spend, potential returns, and operating expenses before moving to invest.


It's vital that businesses buy, rent or lease the highest quality machines when looking for a commercial coffee machine vendor – this means going to sources they can trust.

Support available:

Not everyone that owns, buys or leases commercial coffee machines knows how to repair and maintain them – they need specialist help in an emergency.

Businesses should question their vendors to see if they provide round-the-clock assistance, what kind of warranty they're entitled to and any compensation that's issued - should things go wrong. 


For those looking to invest in commercial coffee machines, they must understand how to make them profitable.

Businesses should look for vendors who can advise on the best placement and real-time data tracking to provide actionable insights for growing transactions.

User needs


Anyone paying for the convenience of a commercial coffee machine will likely consider more modern add-ons. Additional features like milk frothers, bean-to-cup processing, and touchscreen interfacing let users make tasty coffees quickly and easily.

Drinks selection:

Customers need variation in their drink selection as everyone's different. Machines must quickly make high-quality drinks at the touch of a button to make them attractive enough to purchase.


When customers buy coffee from a commercial vendor, it must be clean. Businesses should look for ones that can be sanitised quickly and easily – or have self-cleaning capabilities – to maintain good taste and customer satisfaction.

Easy of use:

Coffee machines should be convenient to use. Outdated vending machines with archaic keypads can be tedious and frustrating for potential customers – turning people off from using them. Newer, more advanced machines with high-spec touchscreen interaction make choosing the right drink effortless and are vital for profitability.

Benefits of commercial coffee machines

There are many benefits of having on-premises commercial coffee machines, including: 

  • Quick access to the finest-grade coffee 

  • Serve as a form of passive income 

  • Increases staff productivity 

  • Creates a more pleasurable workplace experience for visitors 

If you think a commercial coffee machine is what your business needs, browse our extensive selection of equipment and enquire today — we can help get you started. 


When deciding on a vendor, businesses must remember the cost of owning and running commercial coffee machines. 

Some costs to consider are: 

  • Initial installation costs 

  • Cost of the machines themselves 

  • Energy costs 

  • Maintenance and repair costs 

  • Product price 

Costs vary depending on whether a business rents, purchases or leases a commercial coffee machine. 

If you're considering getting into the commercial coffee business, you need the right equipment. Browse our range of machines and get in touch today – we'll help you get your commercial coffee enterprise on the right track. 

What to Look for in a coffee machine supplier

If you're looking for a vendor that supplies commercial coffee machines the way you need them, businesses need to look at more than just cost.

It's important to consider:


As a business, you only want to buy from a name you trust. Take time to explore their service line and assess reviews and credentials that prove credibility from the vendor you're looking at.

Vendor attentiveness

The commercial coffee machine needs regular maintenance checks, restocking and occasional repairs. Businesses want local vendors because they can access these services quickly at any time.

Environmental focus

It's no secret that businesses and customers are paying more attention to environmental concerns. Vendors that offer state-of-the-art, energy-saving commercial coffee machines and sustainably sourced coffee have the edge over those who don't consider the environmental impact.

Specialist guidance

Modern commercial coffee machines can track popular coffees and other hot drinks – letting businesses know what they need to stock in the future. Choose vendors that can provide statistical insights that make their coffee stations more profitable.