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Understanding Consumer Needs

Consumers are the lifeblood of the hotel industry. Without their revenue, the industry would cease to exist. This is why it’s important to keep consumers happy – this can be done but understanding their needs and using technology to accommodate them:

Site Design

To meet consumer needs, it’s important to extend sales areas into the lobby for ease of access.

Likewise, using the layout and design of the site can help lead to a memorable guest experience.

Food & Beverage Options

Several food options must be made available to hotel guests. This includes bars, fine dining and retail stores.

Room service is increasingly becoming a thing of the past and is being replaced by self-service options.

With typical options leaning more toward local, fresh and prepared food – guests are left with a lack of quick and fresh catering options.

Self-Service Technology

A wait of five or more minutes has been shown to lead to a drop in customer satisfaction.

In response, modern technology has allowed guests to bypass the check-in process.

This saves guests time and reduces frustration. It also reduces labour costs for the hotel owner and operator.

In response, technology innovations have allowed the guest to bypass the check-in process, saving the guest time and frustration while reducing labor costs for the hotel owner and operators.

Available Anytime, Anywhere

Our kiosks provide innovative design and can leverage current food and beverage trends to deliver effective catering solutions.


‘Foodies’ is our innovative unmanned fresh food concept. It’s redefining how we approach multiple industries, including the hotel industry. Foodies bring the convenience of ‘grab-and-go’ into the world of 24/7 availability.

Foodies is characterized by its use of smart technology to bring customers ease of access. It’s operated unattended 24/7 and offers round-the-clock healthy and fresh food, snack and beverage options.

Foodies is fully scalable, ranging from a flexible, extra-small supply option – to an extra-large catering option able to serve a fully-booked hotel.

Better Than a Minibar

A standard retail service struggles to compare to a 24/7 bar that doesn’t need to be manned. Guest satisfaction goes up when they realize a tasty snack is always within arm’s reach.

When placed in a publicly accessible lobby, the self-service machine can attract more than just the hotel guests, but passers-by too.

Our self-service options ensure there are catering options available, for anyone – at any time.

Driven By Data

In today’s world data drives business. Based on real-time insights into Foodies performance, self-service areas can be adapted and changed to suit consumer needs.

Our self-service machines record what is purchased and how frequently to help optimize re-stocking options with as little wastage as possible.

Improved Breakfast Services

Hotels are under increasing pressure to provide impeccable services – and offer more options during breakfast. Breakfast is not just the most important meal of the day, but it’s also seen as the final touchpoint for guests before they check out.

It’s important to leave guests with a lasting, warm memory of their stay – and our range of nutritionally complete breakfast solutions provides just that.

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Coffee Culture and Hospitality

As the workplace becomes more demanding, a cup of coffee in the morning to give us a boost is no longer a luxury – it’s a necessity.

With coffee becoming a growing interest, the number of coffee experts has also increased. To satiate highly knowledgeable coffee drinkers, it’s important to provide effective and varied coffee solutions.

This means that - to provide the best guest coffee experience possible, hotels need to start improving the coffee they sell.

Lobby coffee

The hotel lobby is the first thing guests experience when they check in – and according to ICC (2019), the smell of coffee is the smell most associated with a luxury experience.

Coffee corners enhance the ease of the consumer experience. With bespoke machines providing a mix of customizable, premium coffee – and the ease and convenience of a self-service stand.

The Benefits of Custom Coffee

As coffee has become more popular, the acceptable standard for coffee has also increased. Our range of coffee is always one step above the rest.

When choosing the right brand, there are many factors to consider – and we’ve travelled across the globe to find the best brands available.

We also recognise our responsibility to the environment and the many local communities who help source beans for our array of coffee brands. This is why we’re proud to say that our coffee is approved by leading certification labels and grown by fairly paid, independent farmers.

Our custom coffee is constantly undergoing development, using the latest innovations in environmental engineering to help create sustainable, mono-material packaging.

This ensures a high standard of care for not only our customers – but also the planet.

The Best Brands – Worldwide

Here at Selecta, we offer a wide variety of notable coffee brands – from Starbucks, to Lavazza, Nescafe, ZOEGAS, Miofino, and Pelican Rouge.

It’s even possible to develop a white-label coffee brand of your own creation to support the palate of your ideal consumer.

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A selection of our highly valued clients

At Selecta, we serve over 3’000 hotels that we are committed to bring joy to with our self serve food tech solutions on a daily basis.