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Unlocking Value with Consumer Centricity

One of the most important aspects of any modern mobility business is fuel delivery. But to stand out among local rivals, mobility businesses must provide more than the basics.

Thanks to fuel price increases, it’s also become the product with the smallest profit margin – which leaves mobility businesses with a need for alternate sources of revenue.

Petrol stations need to sell more than just gasoline, diesel fuel, or electric vehicle charging to stay afloat in the current economic climate.

They must evolve to meet demand and create a dynamic and enjoyable retail environment for consumers.

To increase long-term viability, fuel retailers must adopt a consumer-centric model, and improve in these four strategic areas:

Re-evaluate the Supply Chain & Network

• Reassess the preferred ownership model and site type.
• Optimize networks.
• Streamline fuel distribution and retail supply chains.
• Introduce varied retail formats.

Become a Mobility & Convenience Hub

• Use alternative fuels and e-charging.
• Create an inclusive convenience store.
• Develop upgraded payment systems & platforms.
• Turn the site into a hub, not a station.

Create Consumer Incentives

• Use AI to provide advanced, personalized consumer solutions.
• Expand loyalty offerings beyond fuel.
• Make use of dynamic pricing.

Expand & Grow

• Create new refuelling locations.
• Provide sustainable products and services.
• Car finance, insurance, and maintenance services to grow the range of services offered.

A Consumer-Centric Coffee Business

Coffee is one of the highest earners for roadside fuel retailers. It typically delivers 5-8% of revenue volume and 10-20% of a station's overall profit margin.

With consumer’s quality of life rising across the board, a cup of coffee is less a luxury – and more a simple necessity.

An effective consumer-centric coffee business must up its game and meet the requirements of today's expert coffee drinkers, who have their own refined tastes and preferences.

Self-service coffee corners elevate the consumer experience at the touch of a button. Bespoke coffee machines can provide a varied menu, offering convenient coffee solutions. This gives an edge in a highly competitive market.

Premium coffee brands like Starbucks deliver an uplift in sales at fuel stations ranging between 35-50%. This could result in an added sales boost that keeps a petrol station functioning.

A Wide Variety of Coffee Brands

Selecta offers a wide range of coffee brands – from Starbucks to Lavazza, Nescafe and Pelican Rouge. We partner with all leading manufacturers to ensure that the right equipment is available for every situation.

Our services are available in both countertop and freestanding modular units and come in varieties such as cashless payment and free-vend.

These solutions come with the latest technology, including telemetry – and are tailored to internal processes like billing, disposition, and category management.

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Self-Service – Redefined

Here at Selecta, we understand that fast service with a variety of food options is a priority for our customers. We used technology to meet those requirements and enhance the customer experience.

‘Foodies’ is our very own unmanned fresh food concept that offers innovative, flexible variety at our food stations. Foodies brings the essence of ‘grab-and-go’ into the world of 24/7 catering.

Our Foodies concept takes many forms, ranging from food markets to smart fridges – and can be customized based on the amount of available space and the depth of options available.

Foodies ‘Grab & Go’

Our ‘Grab & Go’ concept is characterized by our use of smart technology. It’s operated, unattended, 24/7 – providing customers with round-the-clock access to quality catering solutions.

The self-service stations can be opened by presenting a payment card and offers affordable prices for even the most conservative-minded customers.

Smart technology

Each smart fridge has approximately 30 product compartments, from which people can select their goods or return items that have already been removed.

The smart fridge can detect what item has been removed from a compartment and display the price on the screen. Because the smart fridge can calculate what items have been taken when the door is closed, several items can be charged during one transaction.

Returned goods are recognised through weighing technology built into the fridge. The payment amount is then charged to the user's account via the previously used payment method.

Receipts are received via email for a seamless experience.

Smart Vending

Adding food and beverage facilities to petrol stations offers customers a wide range of food options, especially those on long-haul journeys. The most effective way to provide these solutions is through smart vending.

Be it petrol or EV charging, consumers can make the most of their stop at a refuelling station with smart vending.

The many benefits of smart vending include:

• An eye-catching design that’s sure to draw in customers.
• A high number of SKUs.
• A highly accessible touch screen.
• Remote controlled, dynamic pricing.
• A highly accessible touch screen.
• Multiple payment options, including cashless.
• A high level of device security.

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